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Looking for an alternative energy drink? Matcha will keep you jacked and focused without any noticeable comedown. It's green tea, ground up to a powder you mix with water. The Japanese have used this stuff since forever ago. Look into it. 

Recipe: I'm a spaghetti fanatic and this Bolognese Recipe crushes in its simplicity and downright tastiness. The ingredient list is short so get the good stuff like imported canned plum tomatoes and fresh local veggies. Here's the kicker - no garlic! Mind blown.

Great New Music: Michael Kiwanuka's Cold Little Heart. Soooo good!

We Are At Home Outdoors [short beautiful video]

At Home Outdoors from Sebastian Linda on Vimeo.


  • Bryant AuCoin

Building a Campfire Is Easy

step by step guide to building a campfire



Pick out the best wood for kindling for your camping fire pit!

One important note not mentioned: Place your larger kindling logs around the starter fire to warm them up, this will help a ton. You can see two of them above in step 4 on the left side of the fire. If you're working with wet logs do the same thing once your fire is raging to help dry them out.

If you don't have any trash paper try to find some moss or what a lot of people call Old Man's Beard. If you happen to be in the desert look for downed Juniper wood, its outer shell is sorta like a coconut husk and burns wonderfully. 

I can't reiterate enough, check your local state burn laws and put out your fire with dirt and water. The West is going through an unprecedented wildfire season, so be smart!

  • Bryant AuCoin

Keep It Flowing

best of the internet

Have a dog? This seat cover is perfect for those dirty muddy k9 friends of ours. It'll help keep your seats & floorboards clean, like an awesome protective doggy hammock.

Launched in 1977 The Voyager Expedition has traveled further than any other space craft and could outlive our planet, containing a golden disc with the only historical record for other alien species to find out about us. This is an awesome podcast about it. It's a sort of cultural Noah's Ark of Earth. 

Jim Carrey is best known for Ace Ventura where he plays a wacky detective but in the last decade, he's refocussed his talent to become one badass painter. And he's a nihilist that occasionally gives pretty awkward and amazing interviews. 

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color from JC on Vimeo.


  • Bryant AuCoin

Keep It Flowing

best of the internet


Super Tasty One Pot Camping Meals. Great site for some cooking inspiration when on the road. 

Life Hack: practicing the stoical mindset & strategies has made a big difference in my day to day happiness and is something everyone should at least look into. It's a philosophy of life that will help you appreciate everything you have and don't have. This podcast by Kevin Rose is a great introduction to it.  

A true, wonderful short story of adventure - “Are you sure we can push this out of an airplane?” I asked. “We’ll just have to see what our pilot says,” Kennan replied.

Sweet sweet psychedelicness... 

  • Bryant AuCoin

Creating Adventure Stickers

entrepreneur learning to love his business

People say "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." There are a lucky few like that but I think for a lot of us it's more like "Find an opportunity, pursue it and maybe you'll learn to love the process.

I really love what I do now and the products I'm creating. People genuinely connect with Sticker Art, it brings them happiness through a simple illustration. How magical is that?
happy customers


But it wasn't always like that, Sticker Art was just a possible way out for me when I first launched. For years I failed a ton going through multiple business concepts in the hopes to quit my 9 - 5 job, each time realizing more and more the parameters of what I wanted out of a business and what I was good at. 

Then, in 2014 on an adventure trip with my future wife we stopped by a gift shop/gas station outside of Yosemite National Park. Some buddies from the East coast wanted me to buy them stickers, I had previously never purchased a single sticker in my life.

I purchased 4 very bland stickers and thought "I could do better than this." Nobody at the time was making cool outdoorsy stickers with just awesome art on it to represent our sort of adventure lifestyle.

So I dove in and worked my ass off. I was working a full-time job online at the time so I'd wake up at 6am work that till 2 pm-ish, climb/hike some, then work my new sticker business in the afternoon/evenings. I was able to quit my full-time job and run this small business, and I'm still hustling daily.

Now I get to adventure with my wife and come up with new sticker concepts, along with everything else like marketing, e-commerce website stuff, fulfillment/packaging, customer service, accounting, etc. It's still certainly 'work' at times, especially the tedious online stuff, but it feels easier and a lot more fun now. 

This didn't all start because I loved stickers.

It started because I was open to considering a variety of business concepts and finally noticed a hole in the market that fit my personality & talents. And then I jumped in. 

  • Bryant AuCoin

What is Mountain Biking Like?

is mountain biking fun?


My wife and I have been avoiding mountain biking for years. The main reason (aside from the expense of a bike) was my adventure partner and wife is a massage therapist. If she breaks her arm, that's 50% of our income that stops instantly. We didn't want to risk it, until now. 

what is mountain biking like?


We've been labeled mostly as being "rock climbers" which irks me. I don't want to be defined by one sport, I greatly love and respect all outdoor activity. We have however previously spent most of our time rock climbing from 2011 until now 2017. I sense a shift in our priorities and our labels.

beginner mountain biking

Mountain biking is a blast and we only did it for a day. The uphill peddling can feel brutal but if you're used to long uphill hikes (or better yet off-width climbing) and taking it slow and focusing on your breathing - you'll absolutely love the challenge. That's not even mentioning the flowy downhill roller coaster fun!

Figuring out how to flow over obstacles, take a turn wide so your rear tire doesn't hit the inside of the hairpin turn, timing your pedal strokes so you don't hit the ground on the turns...all this is mentally taxing and such a fun technical series of decisions to figure out. Keeping you present and in the moment. 

I yearn to feel tired without my joints hurting. I stopped running years ago because my knee's were getting the best of me. Mountain biking really is an all body low impact workout which is exactly what I'm looking for.

And there's this odd desire to do something that is a bit more main stream and not so fringe. When you tell someone you're going rock climbing that doesn't rock climb it's like this inaccessible activity that seems impossible (even though it's very much not). I also love the idea of going on an adventure trip where I'm not in the back of my mind considering what route is less likely to cause serious injury to me or my belayer (often my wife).

It's a bit of an exaggeration (sorta) but not having to consider death while having an outdoor experience is something I'm really looking forward to. A broken arm is much more likely mountain biking than climbing but a fatal accident is way less likely mountain biking. 

We'll see how this all goes but for now I'm feeling a change in the air of where my focus and priorities are. And, I'm really looking forward to all the new people we're going to meet since it's a social sport! 

  • Bryant AuCoin