DARN TOUGH STICKERS! Dishwasher, rain, mud and adventure proof stickers!

Our Story

Moments from our adventures and yours are recreated as art so we can all share our excitement for the outdoors.

Each piece of Sticker Art is inspired by a specific place or adventure. Those moments are recreated as vivid illustrations and printed on weather proof sticker material. There will never by any logos or company names on our stickers, just art that represents you.

Our stickers are meant to share those feelings we get when exploring. To bring back memories of that awesome route you climbed or epic road trip. Hopefully, it also encourages you to get outside more often. 

There's a story printed on the removable backing of every sticker so you'll know what adventure or location inspired it and also the artist who illustrated it. The stickers are weather proof of course & have aggressive adhesive so you can bring them along wherever the road takes you. 

The crew

road trip sticker

Kayla Edgar sticker art illustrator

tanner barkin illustrator  David powell illustrator