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Talented Western Artist: Jason Rich does impressionistic realism....which means he paints some beautiful landscapes that will transport you to another place and time. I would LOVE to work with him one day.

Book (fiction): Dog Stars is a fun action packed book with great characters and full of hope for a post-apocalyptic world. I really enjoyed this one, might be slightly biased because it's set in the mountains of Colorado. Quick read, I hope there's a sequel. 

Short Podcast - Phosphorus, I know, how boring! But, our world's food supply depends on phosphorus because it's what most fertilizers are made of and oddly enough most of it is all on the island of Morocco which presents a supply problem with a unique solution which involves collecting pee....LINK (only 3 minutes)

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  • Bryant AuCoin

The Stoke Elixir


The Stoke Elixir is something we've been drinking a bunch recently, especially when car camping, as a warming energizing (very energizing) replacement to coffee. It's super addicting and incredibly tasty, you won't regret trying to make this!

The video and instructions are based on using just a camp pot and metal french press which we often have when car camping.

Step 1: 

  • Put 3 scoops of Mate and 1 small scoop of Ginger Root into your french press and pour boiling water on it. Steep for 10 minutes.

Step 2

  •  Put the following into the same pot you just boiled water in that's now empty; 2 hefty spoon fulls of Cacao, a solid amount of Honey and 1/8 teaspoon (about a knife tip) of Cayenne Pepper. 

Step 3

  • Pour the liquid from the French Press into your pot of and stir everything together and you've got yourself Stoke Elixir!
  • Tip: We often will clean out our french press, pour the finished Stoke Elixir from the pot back into the french press and then divide it up into our thermos's because it's hard to pour directly out of the pot into the small opening of a thermos. 

This recipe was crafted by our friend Casey Nichols (Instagram) who's an herbal wizard. 

The Ingredients and why we use them...

- Mate: it's a South American tea (that's cheap) and contains a caffeine-like substance that effects you differently than coffee. It's more gradual and sustained than coffee and rich in antioxidants. 

- Ginger Root: great for digestion, it's warming and helps with circulation to get the blood moving.

-Cacao: aside from being tasty because it's just raw chocolate, it acts similar to caffeine but instead brings a lot of focus to your mind rather than wreaking havoc on your nervous system. It's also got protein, minerals, and vitamins. 

- Cayenne Pepper: also warming and helps with circulation by opening up the capillaries bringing oxygen and blood to the brain. It really livens you up!

- Honey: it's mostly super tasty and helps cover up the bitterness of the mate. Obviously honey has all sorts of great properties that help with your immune system too. 

  • Bryant AuCoin