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best of the internet february


Western Art: Mark Maggiori, originally from France, fell in love with the Western landscape during a childhood trip across the country. His oil paints are gorgeous. His clouds look more real than actual clouds. I especially love his piece - "A Missing Horse

Best Netflix Sci-Fi Series: Travelers - this is a lot of fun to watch. Humans of the future (who are in really bad shape) figure out how to send their consciousness back to the 21st century with the intent to save the human race from our future downfall. Give it a try.

The Best Roasted Chicken Recipe: Buying an entire whole chicken is the cheapest and tastiest way to make a chicken dish. We use a cast iron dutch oven but you can use just about anything to bake it in. So simple and be sure to save the bones and leftover parts to make broth with!

Unplugging: Brendan Leonard has a way with words and puts in perspective the modern conflict we often feel with our phone. He also draws some pretty hilarious stuff.


  • Bryant AuCoin

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coolest internet stuff


Bitchen' Sauce: who doesn't love a great cracker dipping sauce? Super simple ingredients and incredibly tasty. The Cilantro flavor is crazy good unless you have that enzyme thing that makes cilantro taste like soap of course.

Book: The Discovery of Slowness is a surprising story about a real explore in the 19th century and how he perceives the world in a slow methodical manner. As he becomes a master of his craft lots of wisdom is dropped on the reader. 

Awesome Crock Pot Recipe: this Mississipi Pot Roast recipe I've refined has only 3 main ingredients other than some seasoning. Always a huge hit with some potatoes or rice. 

This is a pretty freaky video and song.


  • Bryant AuCoin

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coolest internet shit this week

Podcast: One swab of a cheek and two very different people have a huge effect on thousands of souls in equally different ways. Radiolab crushing it again. 

Morning Tea: this is the best black tea (Golden Yunan) for the price I have found. Put a couple hefty pinches into this metal french press and pour 200-degree water in, steep for 2minutes. Basically just boil water, let it sit for a minute, then pour. 

Great Book: The Big Burn is the true story of the largest wildfire ever to hit the United States at the time of Teddy Rosevelt in the early 1900's and how it has come to define our public lands.

Tunes To Work To: Emancipator - Seven Sea's album, can't stop listening. (SpotifyiTunes)

Watch a beautiful bison meander down a frozen road...


  • Bryant AuCoin

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Get ZenThe Power Of Neutral Thinking - pretty awesome way to look at things, although I like to add a bit more excitement in my day to ensure proper stoke levels are reached. 

Podcast: Selling cars is one wild ride. This American Life does a kickass job of showing us what it means to be a car salesman by spending a month at one specific lot.

Socks: If you're an active person crushing on the regular you need good socks and if you don't have these Darn Tough socks you're doing it wrong. 

A rad video filmed right here where we play daily in the San Juan Mountains:

  • Bryant AuCoin

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Beautiful surreal Instagram artist - Luisa Azevedo. I love her stuff!

Looking for affordable activity worthy earphones? These.

Meditating Daily for 20minutes will bring you some amazing results in your life. I've been doing it, it's hard but I do it and this 10 step guide is basically all you need. I have a bad back so I sit against a stiff pillow and often use a white noise app to drown out city noise in our little apartment. 

Listen Up - this is the single best podcast episode I've listened to in years. There's an underground economy going on all around you that you've never heard of. Take 30 minutes out of your decades of living to understand your world a little better. You will not be disappointed. 

Get pumped video!

  • Bryant AuCoin

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best of the internet this week

Looking for an alternative energy drink? Matcha will keep you jacked and focused without any noticeable comedown. It's green tea, ground up to a powder you mix with water. The Japanese have used this stuff since forever ago. Look into it. 

Recipe: I'm a spaghetti fanatic and this Bolognese Recipe crushes in its simplicity and downright tastiness. The ingredient list is short so get the good stuff like imported canned plum tomatoes and fresh local veggies. Here's the kicker - no garlic! Mind blown.

Great New Music: Michael Kiwanuka's Cold Little Heart. Soooo good!

We Are At Home Outdoors [short beautiful video]

At Home Outdoors from Sebastian Linda on Vimeo.


  • Bryant AuCoin